Leeoh Fox Fan Club Pack!

Leeoh Fox Fan Club Pack!


Join the Leeoh Fox Fanclub today! This Amazing Value pack has a TON of great items in it, for MUCH cheaper than If you bought them all separately, It's like one of those amazing Appetizer platters, It's just got a little bit of everything~

Included in each support pack is:

  • 1 Eeveelutions Sticker Sheet
  • 1  Mean Bean Sticker
  • 1 Meat Eater Sticker
  • 1 Regular Meat Leggie Sticker
  • 1 Ella Meat Leggie Sticker
  • 1 ACNH Leaf Sticker
  • 1 FURRY Sticker
  • 1 Leeoh Care Package Sticker
  • 1 Vivid Tiger Sticker
  • 1 Natural Tiger Sticker
  • 2 Holographic Knife Stickers
  • 1 LEEOH Button
  • 1 Blue Tag (BARK or MEOW)
  • 1 "I ❤️ Leeoh Fox" Badge Ribbon
  • 1 Signed "WE CAN DO IT" Poster Print
  • 1 Handwritten Thank you note


In addition to that, Each Package comes with a special promotional discount code included! for even more great stuff ;)

That's $45 worth of amazing stuff! For only $30

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We make a wide variety of furry merch, including Buttons, Stickers, Charms, Con-Badges, Fursuit Accessories and More!

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