Monthly Collector's Packet

Monthly Collector's Packet


Want to keep getting more and more awesome stuff month after month? Then this is the perfect deal for you!  Every month we will hand select a variety of items to neatly package up and ship to your house! New items will ALWAYS be included! If we just got a fresh batch of stickers or buttons in? You better believe they'll be in our next month's Packet! Since the content's change every month, It's always a fun surprise!

If you'd like to Pre-Order future month's Packets, simply add them to your cart! Or come back next month to grab another packet!

All Packets are mailed out on the 5th of each month. (If you order a past month's Packet, or order after the 5th, it will go out on the next mailing day we do that month)

The amount of items you recieve will be randomly chosen each month. but you're always guaranteed at LEAST 6 Items in every packet, Though you'll likely get much more, This is just the bare minimum!


Items will be included: Buttons, Stickers, Charms, Tags, Prints, Barcelets, Pins, Ribbons and more! If we make it, It can end up in a Loot Packet!

Items that will NOT be included: Gender Specific Items, Identity/Sexuality Items, Indicator Tags, Anything that is specific to certain people.

This is to prevent giving a straight person, a rainbow "GAY" Sticker. Or a Cis person, a "TRANS!" Charm; Or someone with anxiety a  "PLEASE HUG ME" Tag. This is to prevent specific items like this going to owners that do not need or likely want them. Thank you!

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