Grab Bag!

Grab Bag!


The Mystery Grab bags are filled with a RANDOM selection of merch! (Old and New!)

They CAN contain:
+  Small Charms

+  Large Charms

+  Ear Tags

+  Art Books

+  Journals

+  Small Stickers

+  Big Stickers

+  Sticker Packs

+  Small Buttons

+  Big Buttons

+  Gift Cards

+  Prize Vouchers!
+  Badge Ribbons

+  Bracelets

+  And More!!


All Grab bags are RANDOM, We spread out all our Merch and take random items to put in each bag, Once the bags are closed even WE don't know what Items are in which! There is no method to the items put in the bags, as we blindly do it! So It is completely a gamble and there is no guarantee on what you will get!