- Terms of Service -


By agreeing to commission or work with me, you agree to the abide by my ToS, so please read through them to make sure you agree,

 Thank You


Payment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------❤


❤ The only forms of payment I currently accept are: PAYPAL in USD - OR - e-Transfer in CAD

❤ Payment should be paid upfront, in full.

❤ Payment should be sent within 24 hours, or else you forfeit your slot.

❤ When sending payment please leave your FA or Telegram name in the Note.


Artwork -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Commissions can take anywhere from a day, to a few weeks, to several months, 

depending on the complexity of the work, and my IRL schedule;

I have serious disabilities and it may take me a LONG time to complete your art, and I may go a month or more at a time without being able to work on it at all.

Due to the extremely harsh backlash of customers who, despite AGREEING to this ToS; cannot seem to understand or respect my IRL Limitations, As of 1/5/2020 Commissions have been PERMANENTLY CLOSED To the public. I will ONLY open commissions to a select few exclusive clients who have proven to understand and respect my disabilities and can be patient with me.


Time and time again I have been harassed and berated by impatient customers who claim to support and understand my serious health issues; only to then complain I took too long.
Let me be perfectly clear, only commission me if you're willing to wait however long it takes for -MY- art. If you just want something cute with a fast turn around, There are plenty of other artists out there who will do it for you. I do not owe you, Or anyone else the ability to commission me.
It is extremely hard, and painful work for me, And I will not put up with people tearing me apart for not fitting the mold of what other, healthy and fully functioning artists are capable of and expecting me to? Is incredibly rude and selfish. If you cannot support this message, Then you do not have the right to commission me. I have come to terms with my disabilities, and I will not work for people who cannot accept them.

I do not offer any guaranteed Time-Frame for art to be completed in.

Please bear with me and be patient, I’ll get it done as soon as possible, And no, I haven't forgotten you, I'm just very busy, and have severe health concerns that can restrict my ability to use my hands almost entirely. If I have gone a few months without drawing anything, It's because I physically Cannot.  Thank you.

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -


❤ Visual References must be clear and simple - No text descriptions.

❤ When sending payment please leave your FA or Telegram name in the Note.

What I Prefer not to Draw:


❤ Overly Masculine / Beefy Characters

❤ Extreme Inflation

❤ Super Detailed Robots/Mecha

❤ Very Detailed Backgrounds

❤ Overly Detailed Objects/Props (Additional Charges will apply)

❤ Overly Complicated or detailed creatures (Additional Charges will apply)

❤ Reptiles / Bugs / Nagas / Snakes of any kind / Furry variations of these - 

     Dragons, however, are okay!

❤ Fandoms I am unfamiliar or uncomfortable with

❤ Canon Characters or other Characters you do not own the license for

❤ Anything else I feel uncomfortable with, (I will inform you)


 Refunds & Revisions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


❤ Revisions

Minor revisions can be made if I have missed something by mistake, free of charge.

during the ‘sketch’ phase OR if art is finished, I can make a minor tweak


Significant revisions after a commission has been finished will result in a fee,

so I recommend you catch any errors in the WIP previews, that's what they're there for.

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -

❤ Refunds 

I do NOT offer refunds under any circumstances, 


I'm sorry if you are not happy with the quality of my work, If modifications need to be made we can discuss them, but there are no refunds for any reason. You are not just paying for the finished art, but for the time, and pain, it costs me to draw for you. This CANNOT be refunded. As it has already been taken from me. (Unless I myself have decided I cannot do the piece).


In the case that I, However, Decide to refund a customer for whatever reason, I require a minimum of two-weeks time to process the payment. 

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -

❤ I Reserve the right to deny anyone service, for any reason. I will not do work I am not comfortable doing.

❤ I Reserve the right to cancel and refund your order without explanation if I feel the need.

Ownership ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤


❤ I retain the right to use the art I create. You may not sell or reproduce the image for profit, 

I may use any commission work as a reference for other art, or upload them wherever I like to showcase my work.

❤ You cannot request that i "don't upload" Art that I've drawn for you.

❤ Please do not claim my work as your own, please credit me.

❤ If you buy/come into the ownership of a character I designed, you must credit me as the designer.

❤ if you buy/come into ownership of a character I created, you must credit me as the creator.

❤ All sales are final unless I deem the content abused by the buyer, or find that the ToS has been breached. in which case I may issue a refund and retract the transaction.

❤ If you use my art for anything, I would like to know. you're not obligated to tell me, and you won't get in trouble! I just like seeing what people use my art for!


FAQ  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤


- I use Clip Studio Paint / Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop CS5

- I use an Ugee Tablet Monitor for my work

- Some of my older work is done using free to use bases, I was young and stupid and didn't know how to credit people, or even bothered to look where I got the bases. So I apologize for that!

- I do however Reference poses that I like, I do not copy, and do not trace them. but if I like a pose and want to recreate it, Often times I will try to mimic the parts I like as close as I can, If you see the similarities, Don't get mad, You should be flattered to know you've inspired another artist to try and mimic your amazing work~

- If you, on the other hand, try to mimic my work or are inspired by anything to make your own variations, Please! Let me know! I'd love to see it!

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -




If you're looking for a more price negotiable piece, here are some things that could help:

Some of the things that can raise the price of a commission drastically include: 

❤ Interactive poses

❤ Extreme angles/detailed poses

❤ Having more than 2 characters

❤ Requesting kinks/things I am not comfortable drawing.

❤ Having overly complicated characters

❤ Leaving little to no room for artistic freedom


Some of the things you can do to help lower your price quote include:

❤ Allowing artistic freedom

❤ Try going for a simpler piece

❤ Go for the sketchier lines, they look just as good but are easier for me to use!

❤ Try removing un-necessary add-ons, pets, characters, or backgrounds.

❤ Try for a smaller piece or a different style, like a chibi,

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - -




Look, I get it, you're eager to get this art done right away, and you're super excited, but unfortunately, I am very very ill IRL and more often than not, I can barely make it to my computer to draw, On any given day there is a 90% Chance I will feel terrible and spend the day in bed very sick, this is not a temporary issue, this is a permanent life long disability, and I'm sorry, but I cannot give accurate quotes for how long a piece could take. I love drawing, and we need the money to afford food and medications and other things, so. please be understanding. Your commission once accepted, could be done within 48 hours, or it could take up to 2 years. there is NO guarantee on how long it will take. and by ordering, you are agreeing to this, along with all of the other terms in my ToS.


In addition, due to my disabilities, I have a team of Managers and Staff that Admin my chats and also handle customers on my behalf, please contact them with any and all questions comments, or concerns about my art or a commission you have with me, they will be more than happy to handle everything on my behalf and will relay to me in a way that my disorders can handle the information needed. There is no guarantee I can or will reply to your PMs so please, Do not PM me unless it is an emergency.


Contact one of the following instead: @Thepudding @Malgan or @VengrovResident


That being said, here are a few things you can do to help keep my stress to a minimum and ensure you get your art as quickly as possible!:


❤ Do not assume that just because I am active on telegram, that I am able to work, more often than not I'm on bed rest and simply want to socialize.


❤ Don't try to make me feel guilty for socializing in my own chats, because you're impatient and 'I should be working on your art', I will do it when I am able, and no amount of guilt-tripping will make that happen sooner. If anything, It WILL make it take longer, Because It only proves to worsen my mental state and further detriment my ability to function.


❤ Don't message me daily, or try to initiate small talk

(I'm sorry, I'm not a privately social person, I don't want to have small talk with anyone. you're not helping me relax you're making me have more anxiety. Just let me relax and do my thing)


❤ One on one conversations give me extreme anxiety, If you can ask me your question in my group chat, do it. there are very few things that REQUIRE the privacy of a PM, and I appreciate it when people respect that.


❤ Don't keep asking for an update or where your commission is, Most of the time this puts me in a foul mental state, and can easily deter me from working on your art further.


❤ Seriously, Just leave me alone! I'm a fragile little bean in a sensitive ecosystem when I'm working, trying to be my friend or talking to me or trying to get my attention easily rattles me and can chase me off into hiatus, and put everyone's art on hold until I can de-compress.


❤ I know you're concerned, you don't need to mention it. again, I cannot stress this enough, just give me space.


❤ Don't send your friends to try and figure out an ETA for you. This is just low, and does not in any way make me -less- stressed out than you doing it yourself.


❤ Be clear and to the point, Don't beat around the bush, if you have a question just ask it.


❤ Don't passive-aggressively post in my chats about how long you've been waiting or in-directly complain in my chats about the art I owe you. I see it. I read it. and it just makes me not want to do it at all.

❤ Obey the rules in my chats and be chill, the fewer problems in the group I'm having to deal with, the more I can work on art.


❤ Feed the animals: Contrary to popular zoo belief systems, You should feed the animals, Ella and I work much better and do much better with a full tummy! please always slide snacks into the cage. Thank you.


❤ Donations/Tips are always welcomed, and always a good way to earn my favor.


❤ Get me engaged with a theme or topic for a commission before you order, If I'm inspired to do something chances are I will do it right away, even if it hurts me!


❤ And ultimately, just don't be a dick, I tend to respond better to civilized people who understand how taxing this can be on me.


- - ------------------------------------------------------    Thank You  ----------------------------------------------------    - -